Saturday, November 19, 2011

Casting Couch - Holly Roger bdsm diapers long dress

bdsm diary
Release Year: 2011
Video speech: English

Many come to prove their bdsm video porn worth and many fall at the hands of our very Masters. On the surface, Holly appeared to have what it takes to fabricate her feature model debut on SocietySM. It didn't take over long for us to get a bit deeper into the station and find that Holly was to be broken...As Bane began to pierce her through the rigors, it quickly dawned on poor Holly that she had bitten right hand a bit more than she could chew. Clamps on the pussy, and TENS pads in successi~ the thighs bdsm dicipline seemed to but her over the edge...A vibe bdsm diapers to the pussy seemed to quietude the pain momentarily...Then, bent and gagged bdsm diaper, Holly found herself at the matter end of the whip...An anal hook later and it was clear to us that Holly could take no more.

bdsm diary

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bdsm diary